Make better financial decisions, plan for the future, and create meaningful life experiences

Get access to education, technology, and travel benefits so you can gain financial control and spend time doing what matters most.


APEX WORLDWIDE offers people access to the education, research, and technology required to take control of their financial future in order to live more fulfilling lives

Establish healthy financial habits and put your money to work in the markets.

Our products and platform provide access to technology and financial education that help people improve their financial habits and achieve financial freedom and stability. Simple changes can make an immediate impact on your life...and your bank account.
You’ll learn to leverage the knowledge of financial market experts without having to become one yourself. Our experts do all the research and analysis and deliver that information to you through our digital alerts and newsletters. You’ll get alerts for the stock market, cryptocurrency, and the Forex markets, and you can decide which ones you want to follow.

Managed services for those who lack time to manage their own trading

APEX WORLDWIDE also offers access to advisory services through a registered investment advisor called SAFE Management. SAFE Management LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investview (OTCQB:INVU) and a Multi-State Registered Investment Advisor, and NFA Registered Commodity Trading Advisor.

Discounted rates on flights, cruises and car rentals

APEX WORLDWIDE customers get access to an exclusive travel portal that provides wholesale rates on hotels, flights, cruises, and rental cars. You can save up to 65% on more than one million properties worldwide. Now you can see the world and create memories with the ones you love.

Access to a crypto-friendly, multi-currency platform

Cryptocurrency is the future. APEX WORLDWIDE provides access to a private multi-currency wallet that gives users the ability to quickly and easily exchange crypto to fiat, fiat to crypto, and even crypto to crypto. You can even transfer your crypto from your account to your debit card to make purchases around the world.

Make money while you sleep

For decades, financial experts have taught the need to create passive income so that your earning potential is not limited to the number of hours in a day. You don't need to own a business or already be financially successful in order to start generating passive income. The art of putting your money to work for you is something that everyone can achieve given the right tools to do so.

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."
- Warren Buffett

What is Data Technology?

Data Technology represents a category of high-powered computing technologies that are driving the largest multi-trillion dollar emerging markets including: smart technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and more. Data Technology includes the analysis and algorithms designed to improve business activites across various sectors.
"We are progressing from an Information Technology (IT) era to a period that favors Data Technology (DT). The DT era is represented by the Big Data Technology, and could unleash new potential and bring revolutionary change to the world." - Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba

Data Technology is the future

The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. "Big Data" refers to the modern version of an age-old concept: study your customers and their habits. Nowadays, the data available for any given customer has exponentially increased in large part due to the internet.

When people use Google, Facebook, and other similar free services online, they are effectively electing to pay for these services by offering up their data - what they browse for, when and how they search for it, and what they're likely to purchase and why.

This data, much like oil, is crude resource that needs to be refined in order to be useful. But once refined, it is essentially a goldmine of consumer information to be put to use for the purposes of marketing, advertising, and selling.

Leverage data tech to generate revenue

With our Data Technology products you now have the ability to produce passive income without spending time and effort. You can purchase high-powered proprietary data processing equipment (APEX) and lease it to a data tech company called SAFETek. SAFETek then pays you $500 monthly for 5 years! Now you have more time to enjoy the life you want and make money at the same time!


  • Proprietary data processing system that includes cutting edge hardware, software, and firmware
  • Exceptional processing power and capacity
  • Unmatched computing speed, flexibility, memory, and power


  • Subsidiary of publicly-traded company called Investview (INVU)
  • World-class data mining and processing facilitation
  • Leverages APEX Pack to capitalize on the trillion dollar data technology industry
  • Pays $500/month per APEX Pack to APEX owners for 5 years

Peace of mind with 100% cash back policy

Total Protection Plus is designed for customers in industries typically thought of as high risk. TPP provides our customers with safe, secure and insured protection for 100% percent of the initial purchase price so that you can purchase APEX Technology Packs with confidence.

You are automatically registered with Total Protection Plus when you purchase an APEX Technology Pack and confirm your enrollment. A portion of your purchase price is then used to pay your premiums in full, removing any risk of lapse of coverage. Once registration is complete, you will receive an insurance card with the binder number your policy is under. Now the policy belongs to you and is 100% in your control.

With TPP, you have the benefit of choosing multiple redemption options at different intervals of 5 and 10 years to provide you with the most flexibility based on future financial needs.

Total Protection Plus is a subsidiary of UIU (United International Underwriters), a global isurance brokerage that provides APEX customers with safe, secure, and insured protection for 100% of the initial purchase

  • Insured protection for 100% of your initial purchase price
  • Globally recongized insurers with over 125 years of business background
  • Insurance premiums paid in advance to avoid any lapses in coverage
  • Flexible options with 50% cash back at 5 years and 100% at 10 years